Holiday Adopt-a-family program


the countdown is on...

At the Abbie, we recognize that just as the holidays are times of lightness, peace, and gathering, they are also times of heaviness, turmoil and loneliness. It is our privilege to sit with people in both of these sets of moments. 

This holiday season, we are trying something different with our Adopt-a-Family program and NEED YOUR HELP. We have already gathered lists from the people we serve who could use a little help; we are now sharing that list via Amazon (search on your Amazon lists) with you who this year may have extra to share. 

The items on the lists are mostly needs: “Starting over,” one list summarizes, “need everything. ” We are also happy to see that some wants also made this year’s lists. 

If this is a way you would like to give back to our community and share a little hope and connection with someone going through a hard time, please consider this opportunity. 

*Gifts should be delivered by December 20th to deliver them to the recipients, so please keep that in mind with delivery dates. 

If you'd rather not use the internet to participant in this program, or if you're interested in helping an entire family with their list, we can still use your help. Please contact Jen at 261-9085 or Also, we want to support local business as best we can! If there are items on this list that you would like buy locally, please coordinate with Jen as well!

Thank you!