Our Mission: To promote safety, independence, & empowerment to victims & survivors of domestic & sexual violence.

Our Goals:

1. To serve victims & survivors of domestic & sexual violence through confidential advocacy, crisis intervention, emergency shelter, education, and nonjudgmental support.

2. To serve our community through community education and outreach events, advancing the prevention and awareness of domestic & sexual violence.

Our Philosophies:

Trauma Informed Care:
We believe that survivors have the right to recover from trauma in a structured, predictable environment with services that cater to the short and long term impacts of violence and trauma.

Strength Based:
We believe that survivors are brave and resilient people who have developed amazing skills in order to survive domestic & sexual violence. We support survivors to adapt those skills to a life free of violence and fear.

Client Lead:
We believe that survivors have the right to self-determination and access to information, resources, and nonjudgmental support in order to feel empowered to make their own decisions.

Relationship Based:
We believe that our services must act in opposition to the mistreatment and isolation of domestic & sexual violence by offering nonjudgmental support and safe accountability through healthy relationships with staff.

Community Wide:
We believe our community must willingly assume a significant role in preventing and responding to domestic & sexual violence.