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Anger by Abbie Frederick

The painting Angry by Candace Law
Angry by Candace Law


Something Powerful

Like a roll of Mighty Thunder

Or a sense of Longing

For Peace and Justice.

Some insidious thing that grows

And feeds on itself

As it festers inside me

When I try to look the other way.

And then it Bursts out,

Sparks and burns the ones I most love…

When neither of us expect it.

Oh yes, anger.

One of the colors between red and orange,

Deep and Bright,

Among all those other Deep and Bright

feelings in the Human Rainbow.

….just another color…..



try to ignore me..

store me up like so many green beans

in the root cellar.


melt away my edges,

slow my growth,

diffuse my energy

with a little humor…

Oh Anger,

would you believe –

I’ve sensed something

fragile, delicate and tender

in your storm nature…

with all your punches –

all your walls –

hurting others, driving them away…

I could call your bluff

By offering my love.

Oh, dear friend anger.

When will I ever learn to use the Light

from your sparks,

from your potent color,

to show my way

along the darkest pathways of my life?

I treasure your energy

The lessons you teach

The fiercely loving place you came from

Inside of me.

Abbie Frederick


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