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Safety Planning

We can help you think through the details and make a plan for your safety.

Whether you are staying in your relationship, trying to leave your relationship, or you are struggling with post-separation abuse, we can be an extra set of ears and help you consider your options.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline: SAFETY PLANNING

What is a safety plan? Actions you can do to be  and feel safer.


  • Talk to your people. The more people who are looking out for you, the bigger your support network is. Does your boss know what’s going on? Do your neighbors know?

  • Create a code word with trusted family, friends, or neighbors. ("If I say we’re having watermelon for dinner, that means I need help.”)

  • Avoid areas with weapons, like kitchens or garages. Stand near exits.

  • Bring copies of items that are hard to replace, like birth certificates and legal papers.

  • Hide extra charged phones so you can call 911 - reach out to us if you need one.

  • Have an overnight bag ready. Include your medications and comfort items.

  • Don’t have a safe place to go? Call our Helpline to discuss shelter.

  • Switch up your driving routes. Is there a back way you can drive home from work?

  • Keep your info private - could you be found through your social media posts?

  • Consider an Order of Protection. Call our Helpline to discuss the process.

Trust your instincts! You are the expert in your relationship.
Call our Helpline to make a safety plan that works for you.

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