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Safety Planning

We can help you think and plan ahead for your safety.

“Safety planning” means what you can do to keep yourself safe in the middle of violence.

  • Where can you go?

  • Who can you call?

  • What should you pack?

  • How can you take back some control in your life when everything seems so out of control?


There’s a lot to think about, and we know this can be hard for a brain that is already buzzing from abuse, confusion or fear. We can be an extra set of ears to help you think things through. Whether you are staying in your relationship, trying to leave your relationship, or are struggling with post-separation abuse, we can help. Thinking through what you can do before it happens may allow you a little more clarity when it happens.

Call our Helpline for some expert safety planning support, or check out our favorite online resources to help get you started.

National Domestic Violence Hotline (USA)

National Center on Domestic and
Sexual Violence (USA)

Domestic Violence Resource Center (Beaverton, OR)

The Women’s Centre (Owen Sound, Ontario)

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