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A Gathering for Grief and Gratitude

On Tuesday, May 25, the state will be arguing in favor of its motion to dismiss Rachel's case without prejudice. While we believe that a dismissal with prejudice (meaning the case would permanently be closed) is a more just decision, we know that, particularly for domestic and sexual violence victims, the system can be more about legality than justice.

And so, on May 26, the day after Rachel's hearing, we plan to come together.

The reality is that we don't know exactly what the through-line will be that day. What we do know, though, is that grief is wise, and gratitude sometimes brings hope. What we do know is on May 26 we can finally show our support for Rachel in person (and do so on her terms, remembering how she hates being in the spotlight).

We can bring signs and cards and our open, honest hearts to Depot Park in Kalispell. We can do what this pandemic has prevented us from doing thus far: we can gather.

Come ready to support. Come ready to bear witness. Come just as you are.

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