You know a survivor/You are a survivor

You know a survivor.

You might be the first person someone tells immediately after being sexually assaulted. Alternatively, a survivor might also wait weeks, months, or even years to share their story. Both are common reactions. If someone you know tells you their story, here are examples of supportive things you can say:

  • I believe you.
  • Thank you for telling me.
  • It wasn’t your fault.
  • You did nothing wrong.
  • I am here for you.
  • You are brave.
  • You are never alone.
  • How can I help?
  • There are resources here in our community for you.

You are a survivor.

Everyone heals in their own time and their own way, and the path isn’t always a straight line. You don’t need to do it alone — you can: 

  • Read or share messages of encouragement here: #SupportSurvivors
  • Join an online survivor group
  • Connect with your local rape crisis center for resources (Abbie Shelter)