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We're Hiring! 



We are looking for someone to join our team! 


Are you ready to align your career goals with your desire to invest in our community?

Would you like to work with a dynamic, supportive, and dedicated team?  

Consider applying for the position posted below!


CFO - Grant Management - Human Resources - Program Oversight

About The Abbie Shelter

The Abbie Shelter is a leading nonprofit organization in beautiful Flathead Valley, Montana. Our mission is to promote safety, independence, and empowerment for survivors of domestic and sexual violence in Flathead County. We serve clients of all backgrounds and genders through free services including 24-hour helpline, court advocacy, mental health care, shelter, and safety planning services. We are much more than just a shelter, and we support our clients through any step of the process of getting safe and recovering from intimate partner violence. Every year the Abbie supports more than 1,000 clients through our services and provides education to more than 1,500 additional people in the community.

Organization Aims

  1. Show up. Answer the call. Provide accessible services to all who seek them.

  2. Prioritize safety: The physical and emotional safety of our clients, staff, and supporters.

  3. Meet people where they are with empathy and compassion. Be trauma-informed.

  4. Be a voice for victims’ rights and social justice. Challenge the status quo when it needs challenging.

  5. Offer hope to the suffering.

  6. Never give up!

Organization Values & Approaches

  1. Trauma-Informed: We aim to accommodate the real neurobiological needs of trauma survivors.

  2. Client Lead: We view the survivor as being in charge of their own journey.

  3. Strengths Based: We focus on the positive and the possible.

  4. Relationship Based: We trust that relationships between survivors and staff are key to success.

  5. Evidence Based: We use research to guide our policies and practices.

  6. Feminist Based: We acknowledge the societal structures that limit peoples’ choices.

  7. Coordinated Community Response: We collaborate with local partners to coordinate systems of care.

  8. Employee Self-Care: We believe that you can’t pour from an empty cup.


Organization Core Competencies

  1. Have a deep understanding of the complexities and demanding nature of providing direct care to vulnerable populations and survivors of trauma, and possess the ability to provide trauma informed care.

  2. Have the ability to empathize with clients while simultaneously providing a boundaried, self-regulated, structured, and compassionate professional relationship.

  3. Demonstrate cultural competence, the ability to empathize with people from diverse backgrounds, and experience providing inclusive services.

  4. Have the capacity to balance client and organizational needs with personal emotional and physical needs.

  5. Possess strong self awareness, with the ability and desire to self-reflect. 

  6. Have the ability and desire to work effectively both independently and collaboratively. 

  7. Have strong time management and task prioritization skills.

  8. Have the ability to seek support, articulate needs, and receive feedback from clients, and co-workers.

  9. Have the desire and capacity to build partnerships and work cooperatively with other service providers.

  10. Possess above-average listening skills.

  11. Strong written communication and documentation skills; proficiency in use of computer programs such as Google Drive, Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.

  12. Ability to legally operate a motor vehicle and provide own transportation, lift up to 40 lbs, and work under variable conditions including: variable weather, noise, and other potentially unpredictable situations. 

  13. A passion for the mission of the Abbie Shelter.


Abbie Shelter Statement Of Inclusion

The Abbie Shelter fosters a culture of inclusion. We value folks with a wide breadth of life experiences and world views. The Abbie values people of all racial, cultural, national, sexual orientations, gender identities, religious beliefs, marital statuses, family structures, ages, mental and physical health and abilities, political perspectives, educational backgrounds, and class statuses. 

Position Description


The Director of Operations is a new position at Abbie who will work in partnership and in balance with the Executive Director. While the Executive Director faces outward, representing the mission in the community and pushing the strategic direction of the organization forward, the Director of Operations faces inward, nurturing and guiding the organization’s infrastructure, development, programs, and staff. (While certainly not a requirement, this position is designed as a natural successor to the Executive Director, providing an ideal position for people interested in but perhaps not fully ready for executive leadership.) 


This position requires a highly capable, experienced, and calm operations strategist who thrives when multitasking, loves spreadsheets, and is adept at self-motivation and time management. The roles of this position are diverse. While not directly supervising direct care staff, the Director of Operations takes responsibility for the administrative, infrastructural, and environmental supports for the organization. This includes anything from payroll to PTO to professional development. This position also serves as the CFO for the organization, carrying the torch for the organization’s financial activities and reporting. The Director of Operations manages $200,000 in state grant funds annually, as well as several local and regional foundation applications, including all applications and reporting, and expanding the grant funding opportunities for the organization. 

Despite the strong administrative nature of this position, the Director of Operations maintains a deep connection with our mission and clients. While human service experience is not mandatory, relevant work experience and the natural and innate skills necessary to quickly develop expertise in domestic and sexual violence issues are required.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Minimum 5 years of equivalent field experience, in human services and/or in organizational leadership. 

  2. Strong track record of playing a partnership role to organizational leaders.

  3. Strong project management skills with the ability to organize, lead, and inspire teams to meet their goals.

  4. Awareness of systems of oppression and an understanding of how they impact organizations.

  5. Effective communication among all levels of an organization, including highly developed written communication skills.

  6. Bachelor’s degree.

  7. Experience working in the nonprofit sector is preferred.

Roles and Responsibilities


Financial Management

  1. Manage and monitor regular financial activities, including bi-weekly payroll, disbursements, employee reimbursements, bank accounts, credit cards, endowments, and revenue. Work closely with the organization’s bookkeeper. 

  2. Work with the Executive Director and Board of Directors in preparing an annual budget. Take primary responsibility for monitoring the annual budget and directing the organization’s activities to operate within the budget.

  3. Provide monthly financial reports to the Executive Director and the Board of Directors; provide information on the organization’s financial activities when requested.

  4. Keep or cause to be kept all necessary records for bookkeeping services and annual tax return.

  5. Manage employee benefits, including medical insurance, retirement benefits, paid time off, family-medical leave, and professional development.

  6. Direct and approve the administration of workers compensation and unemployment claims.

Grant Management

  1. Serve as grant manager for 2-3 state grants (subject to expand with the organization's growth). This includes leading the application process and completion of fiscal and narrative grant reports on a quarterly, biannual, and annual basis.

  2. Ensure compliance with grant rules and regulations.

  3. Complete applications for local and regional foundations. Ensure that awarded funds are administered appropriately. 

  4. Research and pursue new grant funding possibilities.

Human Resources

  1. Ensure that the organization’s policies and procedures honor our organizational culture, and are fully up-to-date and compliant with applicable laws and regulations. Review and approve organizational decisions and documents to ensure consistency and compliance with internal policies and procedures.

  2. Oversee all recruitment, hiring, employee performance evaluation, discipline, and termination processes. 

  3. Develop and ensure the implementation of equitable tools and processes in recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding.

  4. Manage new hire paperwork for new employees.

  5. On an annual basis, lead the process of reviewing and updating the organization’s wage schedule, in partnership with the Executive Director.

  6. On an annual basis, lead the process of employee 360 evaluations, working in collaboration with the Program Director and the Executive Director.

Program Oversight

  1. Serve as direct supervisor to Program Director, providing coaching, direction, and wisdom.

  2. Serve as fill-in for the Executive Director when needed.

  3. Attend monthly Board of Directors meetings.

  4. Perform direct services alongside direct care staff when needed, including helpline coverage and transportation of clients.

  5. Be a champion for the Abbie’s culture focused on empathy and boundaries.



$65,000. Benefits package includes: Medical, dental, and vision insurance, retirement contribution, generous paid time off policy, family-friendly environment, & paid professional development. This is an exempt position.

Application Process

Email resume, cover letter, and three professional references to by May 26, 2023. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis (as applications are received) until June 9. We encourage you to apply early. Preferred start in early July.

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