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Abbie shelter _ Domestic abuse, sexual v

Get Help

We're here for you. 

We are much more than just a shelter, and we’re here to support you through any step of the process of getting safe and recovering from intimate partner violence and sexual assault.

We're here for everyone. 
The Abbie Shelter values and serves people of all genders, races, cultures, nationalities, sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, and religious beliefs with equitable services. All voices are heard here. 

Abbie shelter _ Domestic abuse, sexual v
Abbie shelter _ Domestic abuse, sexual v



Our Helpline is the first step for getting support. It is your place for a nonjudgmental and confidential listening ear. We’re here for you.

Abbie shelter education services_ Domest
Abbie shelter education services_ Domest
Abbie shelter education services_ Domest


If you are an educator, a healthcare professional, a law enforcement professional, a human service worker, a business person, or member of our community who would like to create space to have a conversation about the dynamics of intimate partner violence or sexual assault in our community, please contact us. We would love to collaborate with you about education to keep our community well-informed at individual and systemic levels.

How we can help you:


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Court can be an intimidating place. We can guide you through the process. Our court advocates can help you with Orders of Protection, and can help you prepare for hearings and trials. We can advocate and serve as a bridge for you with law enforcement, judges, and attorneys. This is our most utilized service. Reach out if you need us!


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If you’ve experienced trauma, you may feel confusion, fear, anger, outrage, and shame -- or maybe no feelings at all. Know that as confusing as this can be, it is NOT your fault. Getting help can prevent or reduce some of the long term emotional and physical effects that accompany assault and abuse.  

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Our residential services are available to people leaving dangerous relationships and need a safe place to stay.

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