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About Us

What we believe

Every person has the right to be safe.
When that right is violated, our collective voice should echo in every hidden spot of the Valley: “It is not okay, and you are not alone.”

We shelter - and shelter is a verb, not just a noun.
You, and your story, will be sheltered in our care. From the helpline to court to counseling to the shelter, from safety planning to a supportive ear, we offer shelter from the storm.

Survival is often choosing between two bad choices.
Life is complicated. We support a person’s right to make their own decisions, however messy. We believe that knowledge, resources, and support from others who care make a difference.

You are enough.
Trauma changes the brain, and the brain can heal. Trauma breaks the heart, and the heart can heal. The scars are real, and you are more than just the scars. When it comes down to it, YOU have already survived. Even the strongest hearts need support, and we are honored to give it where we can. We are here for you as you are.

We are ALL strong-hearted.

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